UN Women // Planet 50/50


Director : Zein El Cheikh
DOP : Saleh Lotfy
Producer : Ramy Tarek
Client : UN Women

Location: Cairo

In the Arab World, gender stereotypes are taken to extremes, it affects women’s rights to work, political
participation, and safety from physical harm and violence. She is often blamed for what is not of her
wrongdoing. A lot of studies showed how there are high levels of acceptance towards violence against
women and we aim to change that.

Men are not always aware of how it feels to be a woman in the Arab World. So we decided to try
something out, what if men felt what it was like to be a woman and vice versa?
For our social experiment, AXEER gathered a mixed bunch of men and women from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Syria. They were told them to switch roles in their heads and then they were asked questions accordingly.

Behind the scenes

UN Women // Planet 50/50
UN Women // Planet 50/50
UN Women // Planet 50/50

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