UNICEF_Anti-bullying Campaign


Director : Tamer Ashry
DOP : Brock Newman
Production : Bee Media
Client : UNICEF Egypt

Location: Cairo

According to the latest Egyptian statistics, more than 1 in 3 students, between the ages of 13 and 15, experience bullying. It is said “sticks and stones may shatter your bones but words break your soul.” Bullying is not new to the world, it’s been around for years, but it’s about time we learn about its effects on our children and how we could take action to stop it.

There has always been a blurry line in Egypt to what bullying is, it was always confused with “just children joking around”; to the extent that we even lacked a term for it. Bullying is a kind of violence deliberately and frequently exercised by a child to another; it can be in a form of physical, verbal and/or psychological abuse. Bullying can result in exclusion, depression and even in some cases, suicide.

Axeer and UNICEF launched the first Egyptian campaign that addresses bullying. The campaign aims to urge parents, children and caregivers to speak up against bullying, whether in educational or non-educational settings and to also seek help from professionals in order to handle matters with the least costs to the child’s health.  It can be done to all of us and it can be stopped by all of us.

The video behind the campaign gives you a glimpse of what a little boy experiences at school, which to some can be disregarded or misinterpreted. However, it also shows you that when the teacher, the colleague and the parent took it seriously, it became less of a burden on the child’s health.

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