UNICEF // Early Moments Matter


Director & Creative : Mohamed El Zayat
DOP : Abdelsalam Moussa
Producer : Norah El Khateeb
Client : UNICEF & IOM

Location: Cairo

The first 1,000 days in a child’s life has a permanent effect on who he/she is, so whether you expose
expressions of love, nurture or anger, it will forever be there in a child’s mind. However, most people
aren’t aware of that.

UNICEF decided to use Father’s Day to encourage people to give more attention to the
energy they surround their child with, as well as what they choose to teach them in this early age.
This video campaign shows how wrong parenting could be mistaken for pampering or simple education,
and instead how to get it right. Highlighting the right language and expressions people should use while
communicating with their children. AXEER was the production house responsible for implementing the video in the best possible way. 

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